Over the Knee release week!

overtheknee blogtour

So many exciting events surround the fast-approaching launch of Over the Knee that it seems inadequate to describe the book as having a release day. Release week feels more accurate! Officially, the anthology goes on general sale on Tuesday 20th October but that’s really just a starting gun for six authors to kick off an enormous spanking party – and *you’re* invited!

Actually, I must confess, we’ve already begun. You know how it is when you’re squirming in excitement, when your heart is pounding, your skin is tingling and you simply cannot wait? That’s us! And since the early download of Over the Knee is currently topping the charts at Totally Bound, our eagerness is probably justified!


Check out our pre-party piece at Totally Bound: an A – Z of BDSM! Do you know the meaning of ‘irrumatio’ or ‘figging’? Or what a kinky person might do with a spot of peppermint oil? If not, then our naughty alphabet is sure to put you in the picture!

For me, the highpoint of next week is set to be our Facebook party on Wednesday 21st. I’m really looking forward to hanging out, spreading the sizzle, and meeting readers – not something I’ve had much chance to do as a new author. It would be wonderful to see you there. We’ll have comps, giveaways, sexy snippets, chats, laughs and all round HEAT!

Please come along and join our party!

Next week, I’ll reveal more about A Private Education, my tale of upper-class spanking in Over the Knee.

You can grab an early download of Over the Knee at Totally Bound, and from Tuesday, you can buy the book on Amazon kindle and elsewhere. And further down the line, a paperback will be available – my first time in print! I’ll be able to stroke the cover guy and those tight, tight trousers of his! My fingers are already twitching!


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