Kisses and dreams

brightlightsdarknights_800I’m delighted to be joining in Valentine’s BlisseKiss, and hope to heavens I’m doing everything as I should! If you comment here, or any of the BlisseKiss posts, you could win an amazing naughty toy from Lelo.

Also, I’m giving away two free epubs of my first erotica publication, Bright Lights, Dark Nights, which was released last week with Totally Bound. Leave a comment here, just say hello, and I’ll select 2 winners at the end of the week!

In Bright Lights, Dark Nights, perpetual klutz, Marnie Fitzpatrick, is working at the book launch of a celebrity she idolises, the Travelling TV Vet, Dr Pat Redman.

In the scene below, Marnie gets to meet Pat for the very first time. The introduction doesn’t go according to plan – not that Marnie ever has a plan!


I see a familiar figure strolling down the hotel corridor and I’m so overwhelmed that I freeze. My nod has gone. I gawp, as if an author attending his own book launch is the last person I’d expect to see here. His hair is so endearingly unkempt and his tan is a little lighter than I’m used to seeing. His jeans hang perfectly on his muscular body, loose and faded in all the right places. Something about his relaxed, easy stride makes my knees turn wobbly. He’s wearing a khaki green, short-sleeved shirt, its open collar revealing a fuzz of dark chest hair. My heart’s in my throat as he nears and I can’t help mentally undressing him, as I do when I’m watching him on TV in the privacy of my own home.

I blush to think of all the times I’ve let my hand slip between my thighs, parting my swollen, wet folds as I watch him, dreaming of his caress, his mouth, his body. I have to confess, at those points, my concerns about the welfare of the animals Pat cares so strongly about are largely absent, and that makes me feel a little guilty.

It’s not that I don’t care about animals. I do. It’s just that sometimes, I’m the one whose animal passions are rising, and I have to put any thoughts about the furred and feathered varieties to one side.

Pat’s with his publicity agent, Tiffany, a lovely snub-nosed woman who was here earlier to help set up the book display and posters.

“Hi, Marnie,” she says, pausing. “I’d like to introduce you to the reason we’re all here, Dr Pat Redman. Pat, meet Marnie. Marnie’s been super helpful today.”

Oh, my Lord! She’s introducing him as if I might not know who he is! And she’s treating us both like actual people rather than one bright, shining star and one star-struck loon! Behind me, the room mutters and rustles as people catch sight of him.

Pat extends a hand, and I can feel the heat of my excitable embarrassment sweeping higher and hotter. My face is on fire as I reach out to greet him. He shakes my hand, and his touch is just how I imagined it, big, firm and cool. And oh, in my mind’s eye, that hand cups my naked breast, and his steady thumb is going tick-tock, back and forth across my hardening nipple while his gentle kisses tease my lips, making me plead for more.

“Good to meet you, Marnie,” he says.

I nod and nod, too much in role. I’m like one of those toy dogs in the back of a car, and I’m dumbstruck, unable to think of a single thing to say. Words escape me. Yeah, all those big words such as ‘hi’ and ‘nice to meet you’. My better half murmurs soothing words inside my head, Stay calm, don’t panic, babes. I stare at Patrick. His teeth are strong and white, and the laughter lines around his nut-brown eyes crinkle as his smile widens. My brain is scrambled, desperate to find the appropriate phrase for this situation. Then it latches on to the correct words, and I’m still clutching his big, hard hand as I blurt, “I’m pleasure!”

My better half screeches, What the fuck did you just say? I’m pleasure?

Pat raises his brows, his smile quizzical. “Well, that’s good to know,” he says.

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10 thoughts on “Kisses and dreams

  1. Can’t believe how many people commented and were so complimentary about my excerpt. Thanks to you all for participating!

    I put your names in a virtual hat and the winners are Jeanette Platt and Jan D. Congratulations! I’ll email you soon to check your preferred ebook format. I hope you enjoy Marnie’s (mis)adventures!

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