About Dolly Watt

dolly_watt_profile picHi, I’m Dolores Watt, or Dolly for short. I’ve been spinning saucy stories in my head for years but only recently found time to sit down at a keyboard and allow my imagination to run riot.

I live in rural Sussex with my handsome husband, our two kids, and a growing menagerie of pets, including a retired police dog called Kevin, Nyan Cat our tabby, and four beautiful corn snakes named Eeny, Meeny, Minie, Moe. Yes, there are dead mice and micelets in our freezer! I describe our house as ‘shabby chic’ in the hope of convincing myself it doesn’t resemble an explosion at a jumble sale!

I enjoy writing character-driven erotic romance with a side order of kink and laughter. I’m a relative newbie at Totally Bound, with three spanking-themed solo titles to my name so far and an M/M story to be released in 2016. One of those solo titles, A Private Education (early release October 2015), is featured in Totally Bound’s hot new spanking anthology, Over the Knee (released 20th October 2015). I’m so amazed to be included in this book! It has an eye-poppingly sexy cover and I’m in the company of some of the most popular authors in erotic romance.

I’m currently working on my longest tale to date, a sizzling hot M/M romance, full of passion, secrets, heartache and lust. I hope people find pleasure in my writing!


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